WE Transport is thrilled to announce the resumption of service for our Big Bus, a vital component of our UCP program. This marks a significant milestone for individuals affected by Cerebral Palsy in our community.

Our Big Bus, specially designed to accommodate wheelchair users, had been temporarily suspended in 2020 due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, impacting the lives of those who rely on this transportation service. After a prolonged hiatus, we are excited to bring back this important route, which has not operated for the past four years.

“Our team at WE Transport is delighted to announce the return of our Big Bus, serving our UCP program,” said Robert Quinn, Chief Operations Officer at WE Transport. “The past year has been challenging for our community, and the absence of this crucial transportation service has posed significant hardships for those affected by Cerebral Palsy. We are committed to supporting them and are thrilled to resume this important route.”

The UCP program at WE Transport is dedicated to offering essential services and support to individuals affected by Cerebral Palsy. With the resumption of our Big Bus service, we aim to provide reliable and accessible transportation options, ensuring that individuals with mobility challenges can enjoy increased independence and improved quality of life.

The reinstatement of the Big Bus aligns with WE Transport’s mission to deliver exceptional care and assistance to individuals with unique needs. The safety and well-being of our passengers remain our utmost priority, and we have implemented rigorous health and safety measures to ensure a secure travel experience for everyone.