WE Transport, Inc., a premier school bus transportation company serving the needs of Long Island, New York City, Westchester County, and Connecticut, today announced that bus driver, Ann Kania, is retiring after 44 years of distinguished service with the company.

Ann began her career in 1976 with a bus route that traveled through Massapequa and Dix Hills before arriving at the Knox School in Smithtown. At the time, she had just five high school passengers; a far cry from the full busloads of today.

Having to supervise an often-increasing number of passengers isn’t the only challenge Ann has found herself up against in her 4+ decades of service. She has also faced down brutal annual Long Island winter snowstorms and has adapted to a host of changes in bus technology. And through it all, the safety of her students has always been Ann’s number one priority.

“We are proud of the longevity that Ann has achieved with our company and so very thankful for her dedication to our organization,” says Bart Marksohn, President and Owner of WE Transport, Inc. “Ann is a bright star at WE Transport, shining a spotlight on the safety of the students she transported for over four decades.”

When asked what it takes to be a successful school bus driver, Ann responded with a list of musts that include being friendly, respecting the children, and listening to their stories without giving advice.

Ann looks back fondly on her time with WE Transport. “It offered me a good career,” she says with gratitude. “The company was always fair to me, they always respected my seniority. I’m very appreciative of what WE Transport has done for me. I’m very happy to have worked here.”

To Carmen Tomeo, CEO of WE Transport, Inc., the feeling is mutual. “We make employee experience a priority every day and are thrilled that Ann’s many years spent with our organization were positive. We were truly blessed to have Ann be part of our team and be a role model for coworkers and new employees alike!”