During these challenging times, WE Transport is very proud to pass along some positive news to everyone. Below is a message from our partners at the Homeland Security TSA that brought a smile to our faces and made us all at WE Transport feel proud to be part of such a great team. The following email was recently sent to us by TSA’s Lawrence King who works in their New York City Field Office:

“I want to take this opportunity to relay my thoughts regarding your operation.

When I am out in the field, I make it a habit to focus in on vehicles that belong to companies that we have partnered with on security initiatives. I regularly see WE Transport school buses in my travels throughout western Nassau County. In comparison to other companies, I noticed that your drivers, more often than not, operate safely including maintaining a reasonable speed and maneuvering efficiently in traffic. Also, your fleet physical appearance is generally clean. This indicates to me that a culture of consistently superior performance permeates all facets of WE Transport’s operation.

Even though the TSA is focused on security, your company’s safety accomplishments, in my opinion, are superior. My hat is off to you, the management, and your front-line employees.”

When we receive messages like this, we are all humbly reminded of how every employee, in every position, contributes to the success of WE Transport. When we work together, we make great strides towards great outcomes, and people take notice. Thank you to all of our drivers, attendants, and staff for the hard work you do every day.