We are pleased to announce that the New York School Bus Contractors Association has presented WE Transport school bus driver, Daniel Thompson, with its industry-wide Employee of the Month Award for April 2018 for his 10-year record of accident-free driving and overall dedication to student safety. Each month the NYSBCA recognizes a member’s employee, including drivers, matrons, mechanics, and office staff, who demonstrate an unmatched commitment to student safety and exceptional service to their school districts, communities, and companies.

Daniel earned this prestigious recognition for maintaining a perfect safety record for his over 10-years as a school bus driver for WE Transport, along with his tireless dedication to the safety of the students he provides transportation for in the Smithtown Central School District on Long Island.

“Daniel Thompson is truly an exceptional bus driver, and each and every day he gets behind the wheel he demonstrates all of the unique qualities and skills that all of our drivers strive to achieve,” said New York School Bus Contractors Association President Bree Allen. “Not only does Daniel have a perfect driving record in over a decade of service, he always goes above and beyond for all of the students he transports to school and back each day. We are extremely proud to present him with this much-deserved Industry-wide Employee of the Month award for April.”

Daniel always puts the safety and well-being of the students who ride his bus first. One recent example includes his immediate intervention on behalf of a high school student who was being bullied on the bus. His quick action and full report to the school district alleviated the volatile situation and brought him a big “Thank You” letter from the student who was being victimized. Another example took place in October when Daniel found a sleeping child on his bus during his post-trip inspection. He immediately notified dispatch and brought the child home safe and sound. Daniel demonstrates this level of caring and attention to student safety every single day he gets behind the wheel.

Daniel says he chose pupil transportation for the opportunity to interact with students in the Smithtown school district, help keep them safe, and have a positive impact on their lives. He says his career has been extremely rewarding, and he appreciates the importance of being a school bus driver, even more, each year. Daniel is planning to retire in five years and says he looks forward to maintaining his perfect driving record all the way through his very last run.