WE Transport awarded one of our drivers for her outstanding vigilance in preventing a potential tragedy during her route this week. As one of Xiomara Rodriguez’s students was about to cross the street, a car went around her bus and was about to hit the student. She sounded her bus’s horn several times to get the student’s attention which prevented her from being hit by the oncoming driver’s car. The entire incident was recorded on the bus’s onboard camera.

WE Transport’s meticulous safety training process, combined with the outstanding vigilance of bus drivers like Xiomara, allow us to prevent tragedies like these from ever happening. Since our drivers undergo continuous training, they are prepared to handle dangerous situations like this every day.

The most dangerous part of a student’s entire day is while riding to and from school on the bus. The most dangerous part of that entire bus trip is at the bus stop when students are getting on and off the bus. During WE Transport’s safety training we vocalize the importance of staying vigilant throughout the entire route, watching for safety concerns, and acting fast to prevent crises.

We thank Xiomara, and all of our drivers and attendants, for their ongoing dedication to keeping their children safe.