The yellow school bus is an American icon. It represents safety and the traditions of our schools and education system. In New York State, over 2.3 million children ride a yellow school bus to and from school each day. The New York Association for Pupil Transportation (NYAPT) is a professional organization dedicated to the safe and efficient transportation of our school children each day. The NYAPT, along with WE Transport, believes that the school bus ride should be a safe and secure ride, that the school bus should be appropriately equipped and carefully maintained for safety, that every School Bus Driver should be fully qualified, licensed and trained to perform his or her duties, and that every School Bus Monitor should possess the skills, attitude and training to perform their duties as well.

The Nassau County NYAPT Chapter is recognizing the professionals who are on the front line of providing exemplary school bus transportation service to our community — the School Bus Driver and the School Bus Monitor. Whether it is assisting students boarding or exiting the school bus, dealing with challenging students, waiting at a child’s residence and keeping the child calm because no one is home to accept the child, waking up early to begin a route on time, or sitting in highway traffic during rush hour, School Bus Drivers and School Bus Monitors are charged with transporting the world’s most precious cargo, our future. They perform their duties with the utmost concern for our students’ safety and welfare, and for this, they should be recognized, honored and commended.

The NYAPT and WE Transport ask that you take this opportunity to nominate any Driver or Monitor that you feel would deserve such an award before the deadline of May 1st by using this Nomination Form. School Bus Drivers and School Bus Monitors will be selected by the NYAPT Driver Appreciation Committee. Please nominate Drivers and Monitors that you feel demonstrate excellence in the performance of their duties. The NYAPT will consider all advanced candidates and will select one in each category that provides outstanding customer service, has exemplary attendance and has accumulated an impeccable driving record. The selected candidates will be celebrated on May 15, 2019 at the Annual Nassau NYAPT Award meeting. You will be notified if your nominee has been awarded the Driver of the Year or Monitor of the Year.