Eric Baal, WE Transport’s “Above and Beyond Award” winner for the third quarter of 2018, has been with the company for over ten years. Eric started out at WE Transport as a van driver, then later became a big bus driver. In addition to being a driver, Eric took on the additional responsibility of being a trainer at his facility.

During the years of his employment, Eric participated in several school bus rodeos where he was awarded many first place trophies. He was also given the opportunity to represent WE Transport at several national safety competitions as both a participant and a judge. Later in his career, Eric decided to take a position in WE Transport’s hiring and training department as a Training Assistant.

During the third quarter of 2018, WE Transport faced many challenges, including a change in the DMV road test and a driver shortage. Eric assisted in the creation of training videos and took time to teach WE Transport’s trainers all the new DMV road test requirements. In previous quarters, several driver trainees struggled with their road tests, however, Eric, in conjunction with his training team, was able to dramatically increase WE Transport’s driver trainer passing rate.

Please join WE Transport in congratulating Eric Baal as our ”Above and Beyond Award” winner for the third quarter of 2018.