The safety and well-being of our student passengers is one of the top priorities here at WE Transport. That’s why we have implemented the “Child Check-Mate System” on all of our buses.

What is the Child Check-Mate System?

The Child Check-Mate System is a tool used by school bus transportation companies to help ensure that every student has safely exited the bus at the end of their route. The system requires the driver to perform a visual check of the interior and exterior of the bus before they can deactivate the ignition, preventing the bus from being driven away until all students have been accounted for. The Child Check-Mate System is an effective way to improve student safety and provide peace of mind for parents.

Benefits of the Child Check-Mate System

There are several benefits to using the Child Check-Mate System on our buses:

Improved safety

The Child Check-Mate System helps prevent the possibility of a student being accidentally left on the bus, a scenario that could have serious consequences. By performing a visual check, the driver can be confident that all students have safely disembarked the bus.

Peace of mind for parents

As a parent, there’s nothing more frightening than the thought of your child being left behind on a bus. The Child Check-Mate System helps alleviate this concern by providing an extra layer of protection for students.

Increased efficiency

The Child Check-Mate System helps streamline the end-of-route process for drivers, allowing them to quickly and efficiently confirm that all students have exited the bus. This can help reduce delays and keep the transportation schedule on track.

Cost savings

By preventing the possibility of a student being left on the bus, the Child Check-Mate System can help reduce the risk of costly accidents or incidents.

WE Transport’s Commitment to Safety

At WE Transport, we are committed to providing the highest level of safety and service to our students and their families. The implementation of the Child Check-Mate System, as well as other onboard bus technologies, is just one of the many ways in which we prioritize the well-being of the students in our care.

We understand that entrusting us with the transportation of your children is a big responsibility, and we take it very seriously. We are proud to use the Child Check-Mate System on all of our buses and are confident that it will help us continue to provide a safe and reliable service to the students and families we serve.