Meet Glady’s Romero-Cortez, she is one of WE Transport’s drivers for the Commack district.

Glady’s will help coordinate paperwork and communicate to drivers regarding charters, new stops, and directions. She will handle the safety drills for the elementary schools. While recently attending a meeting at the Commack School District their Transportation team could not stop raving about her attentiveness to the district’s needs and their students. She is always willing to jump in and help in any way she can to ensure things run smoothly.

What’s your favorite part of being a bus driver?

I love my job, it doesn’t feel like work. I enjoy being able to get to know the students and watch them do well. I have seen kindergarten children now in middle school I am happy for them when they accomplish their goals. I am happy they have a safe ride to and from school.

What do you want the community to know about the importance of your work?

I like to think that I speak for all bus drivers when I say that we treat your children like our own. We make sure your most precious cargo gets to school safely every day. We all take our job very seriously and we love what we do. We take them to their sports trips, we talk to them about their good or bad days at school.

The kids in this community are very important to us because they are the future. Please, when you see us driving, be cautious. Pretend that every child getting on or off our bus is your child. Give us that extra 30 seconds to make sure they are ok. Most importantly stop when our “reds are out.” It is so important … please help keep all of our children safe! They are truly the heart and soul of our communities and futures!