In light of the ongoing concerns regarding the Coronavirus, we believe that it’s important to keep our valued employees up to date on new developments. First and foremost, we want to maintain a safe workplace and encourage all employees to practice safe personal hygiene and social distancing habits as are recommended by the NYSDOH and CDC.

Thanks to many of our valued employees, we recently completed disinfecting our fleet of vehicles and we are preparing to have our offices professionally sanitized to minimize exposure to the virus. All take-home vehicles are being returned to their terminals by our safety team to reduce risk to exposure.

We have been working closely with school districts to encourage them to continue paying us through this crisis so that we can continue to pay our employees and prevent any disruption of service when school resumes. We have also lobbied the State of New York, together with the New York State Bus Contractors Association, to keep the pressure on government officials to maintain uninterrupted funding for all transportation employees. Organized Labor Unions have also corresponded with State officials to express the need for ongoing funding.

As of today, Long Island schools are closed until March 31st. The NYC and Bridgeport, Ct. schools are closed until April 20th. The Bedford school district is closed through April 3rd. These closing dates may change again so please visit this blog often for future updates.

We do appreciate all the hard work that you do and the great service you provide our customers. Please be reminded to follow all personal hygiene protocols, frequently wash your hands and maintain social distancing. We hope that all of our valued employees and their families remain healthy through this crisis and we look forward to seeing you all back at work. Thank you for your commitment to safety!