As you are all aware, the Coronavirus crisis has continued to cause hardship for so many of us and our families. The pandemic has led to unprecedented illness and taken too many lives causing so much heartache and despair. It’s difficult to stay upbeat throughout this ordeal so I can only say that perhaps we should all try to stay strong and listen to the guidelines from our leaders in the hopes that this will end sooner than later.

We have been working tirelessly, along with our Labor Unions, on behalf of all of our valued employees to ensure that you will continue to receive a paycheck so that you can pay your bills and provide for your families. Many of our departments have remained working throughout this dilemma to keep the company going with insurance, payroll, maintenance, compliance, IT and human resource related functions.

Unfortunately, numerous school districts have told us that they will not be paying us for April. We will be directly notifying those drivers and driver assistants to let them know that may seek unemployment benefits beginning 04/06/2020. Several school districts said that they are on the fence about paying us and we hope to have their decision early next week. At that time we will post the list of school districts that have agreed to continue paying us. For those employees that are being furloughed, the company will continue to pay its portion of your medical benefits for April.

It is with great anguish that we have to report this news to you but unfortunately, we have no other recourse but to move forward and stay determined to fight for the reinstatement of our valued employees. It was your hard work and dedication that built this company to be the best in the business and we thank you all for your loyalty and devotion.

We are mindful of you and your family’s well-being and wish everyone health and peace. Please stay safe and visit this blog often for future updates.