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Bill Marchesi Wins "Above & Beyond Award" For Second Quarter 2018

Bill Marchesi, our "Above and Beyond Award" winner for the second quarter of 2018, can be seen any given day patrolling the yard, at a school, handling accidents and complaints and following drivers. He is energetic and always willing to help out and accomplish any task to the best of his ability. He is a doer and constantly strives to achieve a level of excellence.

So, it was no surprise to WE Transport CEO Carmen Tomeo when he was told directly by the new Director of Transportation at the Plainview School District that he was impressed with this employee and appreciates the outstanding job that he does. He also said that Bill makes his life much easier knowing that he is ready and able to handle any situation that comes up.

In addition, Bill participated in a Homeland Security seminar on school safety, then took the information he learned and came back with a number of positive suggestions as it relates to new security measures that WE Transport is looking at implementing.

Please join us in congratulating Bill Marchesi as the ”Above and Beyond Award” winner for the second quarter of 2018. Bill well deserves this honor.