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Plainview Drivers Receive Awards For TSA Security Exercise Performance

WE Transport recently conducted a hidden bag exercise with the Transportation Security Administration to emphasize the importance of the pre-trip bus inspection. We had over 60% of our drivers identify the hidden bag significantly surpassing the industry standard 40% success rate.

Our partners at the Department of Homeland Security arrived at 4 AM with a team of their TSA Inspectors to conduct the exercise with our Safety Team led by Darrell Sullivan and Bill Marchesi.

In light of the ongoing pandemic, it’s important to continue with safeguards that protect our student riders, employees, and the community. We are proud of everyone involved in this successful exercise and remain committed to the health and safety of every person that rides our buses and to those who continue to provide support to our business operations.

Our drivers, including Amanda Smith, Lydia Zayas, Russ Morici, and John Bryant, were presented with a certificate and gift card for their outstanding performance.

Amanda Smith and Lydia Zayas

Russ Morici and John Bryant